Our Vision

Why does the world need ROC?


"Imagine a world, where the common citizen sees an injustice and uses their skills, faith and resources to ameliorate that injustice.  Simply put, that is the reason the world needs Rescue One Child." GiGi



For the people in the community, ROC is a beacon of hope in their small town. 

To date, RESCUE ONE CHILD school provides education for approximately 200 hundred students during the school year. The organization strongly believes that education is the best tool to fight intergenerational destitution and break the cycle. 
Our mission in RESCUE ONE CHILD is to create self-sustaining, faith-based structures, such as schools and health facilities that positively affect the children and the communities they serve for the generations to come. 
With 90 percent of the population unable to read or write their own names, the goal of RESCUE ONE CHILD is to provide literacy and numeracy training for children. We wanted to promote a healthy balanced learning environment for our children. So we fundraised and accomplished getting a playground for the students which encourages the development of physical, emotional, social and cognitive skills.  
Understanding Haiti as a third world country, our developing aim for ROC is targeted to improve the quality of life in this town and with your support, to create a self-sufficient community that will flourish for generations to come.