"Without a vision, people perish... " -(Proverbs 29.18)

Jean Lesly Stinvil was born in the small town of Campeche Denis. With an unexpected opportunity to leave for the  United States for citizenship; Jean vowed that he would go back to his hometown one day and help the people of his beloved community. Jean always remembered the vow that he made upon leaving Campeche Denis and his dedication and passion has remained as fervent as the day he made that pledge.  

Campeche Denis, Haiti; the heart of our ROC school 

Campeche Denis is a small remote and rural town in the city of Croix des Bouquets located in the southern tip of the capital of Port Au Prince. It has a population of approximately 9,000 and farmers make up most of its inhabitants. Like most rural towns is Haiti, Campeche Denis stands as of the most underdeveloped communities of its kind. Families living in this community have poor access to health care, clean water, education, proper sanitation and struggle daily for the basic necessities of life. While agriculture is the way of life for the people living in Campeche Denis, poor access to roads and transportation renders traveling very difficult for farmers and nearly impossible during the rainy season. During this rainy season, the community suffers a great loss of crops which contributes to the never-ending cycle of poverty. 

However, the challenges of agriculture do not stand as the only factor responsible for the debilitating poverty that exists in Campeche Denis. In many rural communities, such as Campeche Denis, poverty is a reality that is intergenerational. With no educational system in place, the population is left without hope for a better life and a way to escape the poverty they experience. Although public school education in Haiti is free, parents often are unable to afford the uniforms, school supplies or transportation needed for their children to attend school. Furthermore, families with multiple children typically are only able to send one child to school, leaving the others at home. With choices such as these, the people of Campeche Denis are left without any hope of escaping the debilitating poverty that plagues their community.

Against the advice of some, who suggested that the neighborhood was too poor to have a school, Jean Stinvil, founder of Rescue One Child never wavered in his desire to give the people in his hometown an opportunity. The presence of Rescue One Child school in Campeche Denis serves the community in multiple capacities. The school not only provides education for the children in the community but also provides jobs for many parents and adults who live in the town. It has also served as a shelter during the many natural disasters Haiti has suffered. A few to name, the devastating earthquake of 2012 and the most recently hurricane Matthew. Additionally, for a majority of the students, the meal served at the school is the only full meal they will have for the day.  Fundraisings and contributions have allowed the community to have direct access to running water. A luxury the community, and many other Haitian communities have never experienced before. 

The needs of the organization are met, but not without its challenges. At times the organization struggles financially to keep its doors open. Teachers can sometimes go unpaid for months and often threaten to quit. Other times, the struggle is to pay the cooks or have enough money to provide meals for the students. There were times when it seemed as if there were no other choice than to shut the school down. During those times, Jean reach into his own pockets to keep the school open. The challenges of this journey, however, never deterred Jean and his vision for Rescue One Child. He continues to remain steadfast in the knowledge that God has entrusted him with this work and will see it to the end.


We are committed to continually strive for excellence in how we handle our organization. Transparency and a consistent quality work ethic will always be provided. 

We welcome anyone who believes in our cause and is dedicated to empowering our youth to advocate for change.

We ensure that the education we offer is reflective of our own successful educational training here in the United States.  

We will promote public trust of Rescue One Child Inc. through efficient, cost-effective and compassionate stewardship of our resources.


We believe God has directed us to help others in need.

We believe that every child has the right to be fed and educated.

We believe in partnering with other faith-based and/or humanitarian organizations to maximize our ability to feed God’s children.